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The Mines Golf Club opened in August 2005 with 18 holes and a full practice facility. The Mines was selected by Golf Digest as the tenth “Best New Public Golf Course Under $75” in 2006. It is located above a portion of the old gypsum mines, 5 minutes from the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. The site features mature hardwoods, rolling terrain, and sandy soils. The Mines is a par 70 that measures 6701 yards, with a slope of 137. The course is generally forgiving on the tee shots and playable through the green. A good short game will help lower your score. We hope to see you soon! ​

Course Layout


Hole By Hole

Par 4, 371yd

The first hole is a very nice opener with a crested landing area defined by trees on both sides. The approach is downhill to a green fronted by a deep swale and perched out from the hillside on the left. Pin locations on the right side are difficult and there is a small back left plateau that bleeds out from the terrain on the left.

Par 4, 410yd

The second is a long par four of 455 yards from the back tee. The drive is uphill to a crested valley, with a bunker on the left side. With a good strike or the wind behind, drives will carry the hill and leave a mid-to-long iron in. Golfers who challenge the bunker will have a better angle into the green, which is fronted by 2 bunkers at the right approach. The cascading green has three levels and drops off the left side to short grass.

Par 4, 398yd

Facing west and atop a ridge, the view from the third tee at sunset is spectacular. The hole follows the undulating high ground and culminates in a large, bunkerless green perched at the end of the ridge. This long four will demand a well-struck approach to stay on the green, where the subtle contours will reward a good putt.

Par 4, 275yd

This short par four has no bunkers, but the tees and green are at opposite ends of a deep bowl, so a big hitter will have to carry all the way to the green if they wish to drive the green. The large green is undulating and falls off the front, back, and right sides, while the back left is dwarfed by a huge oak tree. This hole will surely frustrate better players who think it looks simple and should be an easy birdie.

Par 5, 556yd

A big par five over 600 yards from the back, the fifth has a commanding view from its high tees that look down upon a huge shared fairway with the ninth hole. This fairway is abruptly interrupted by two huge dunes that project from the ninth tees, narrowing the fifth fairway between the first and second landing areas, but still giving plenty of room for play. The approach is at grade to a relatively flat green, but out of bounds on the right (O´Brien St. runs all along the hole) looms for a misplayed shot.

Par 4, 298yd

The sixth is a short par four through a narrow valley to a perched green. The hill on the left side of the landing area has three bunkers — better to play short of them and leave a long wedge into the tiered and shallow green. Short grass abounds around the green and there is a deep bunker at the right front.

Par 3, 131yd

The first three par is a picturesque drop-shot to a small green backed by a sandy dune. Club selection is critical, as the wind will change as the ball travels above and below the trees and landforms. The green is one of the smallest on the course and any tee shot that finds the putting surface has a good chance at birdie.

Par 3, 140yd

Another par three of similar length but entirely different playing characteristics from #7, the eighth features a dramatic tee shot across a sandy wasteland to a rolling green. The large putting surface (biggest on the course) is bisected by a prominent ridge in the middle and bunkered on the left and back, as well as a steep bank on the right and in the approach. This hole will be a highlight for many golfers due to its rugged beauty.

Par 4, 364yd

From its dunetop tees, the ninth plays down to the shared fairway with hole five and then back up to a green perched in the hillside below the clubhouse. On the right of the ninth is a huge hill that comes down from #10 and will repel balls back down into play. The approach rises sharply up to the green and has deep bunkers at the left and right, plus bunkers at the back right and on the left. The green size is generous and will offer a great variety of pin locations.

Par 4, 333yd

The drive on the tenth is across a big dip in the land to a relatively flat plateau. There are a few tree clumps on the right to define where the hill down to #9 starts and trees on the left also. The green is at grade protected only by its undulations, most notably the bump in the center which will retard ineffective approaches and putts away from their intended target.

Par 3, 136yd

The eleventh offers two angles of approach, a west orientation up to 215 yards and a south one to 170 yards. The south play shares the tee complex with hole nine and has a nice intimate feel as one revisits an area already played, but the west direction gives greater diversity to the par threes in length and difficulty. The green is oblong, tiered, and backed by a steep hill on one side while dropping sharply off on the other to grass and a single bunker.

Par 4, 321yd

After a short passage underneath the power lines, the golfer is rewarded with a beautiful hilltop tee for a short par four of 355 yards. The drive will typically find a broad valley, leaving one with a view of the flagstick but obscuring the green surface by a gentle ridge in front. Two deep bunkers in the ridge will make the big hitters think about the consequences of trying to go for the green. The green itself is a beautiful rolling “at-grade potato chip” that offers a chance to use the ground to bring the ball into the green or on recovery shots.

Par 4, 434yd

The beginning of a difficult finish, the thirteenth demands a long drive threaded between trees and pinched by two bunkers in the right hillside of the landing area. The golfer´s second will be long and uphill to a perched green, and typically into a west wind. Most will take three to get to the putting su

Par 4, 385yd

The fourteenth plays over wildly undulating land and will leave a blind approach unless the drive finds a narrow ridge. Big hitters will be thwarted by a huge bunker 100 yards out from the green, and in a direct line to the flag. The green is again bunkerless, but this “at-grade potato chip” will foil many golfers´ attempts to get it close on the approach. A beautiful natural hole and green in a wonderful setting.

Par 3, 122yd

The shortest hole on the course is protected by a center bunker, bunkers on the left and right sides, and drops off the back. The small green is heavily contoured and will demand a precise short iron and delicate putting to score well.

Par 4, 456yd

Another long par four into the wind. The right side is protected by deep bunkers and a valley between the 14th and 16th holes, while the longer left side is and open and broad ridge. The closer one challenges the bunkers on the tee shot, the better angle and shorter the approach will be. The green sits in the open and is bunkerless, although the relatively flat terrain will move the ball more than one would expect. A four is a great score here.

Par 5, 506yd

The final par five plays along wonderful rolling terrain and finishes with a green perched on the distant hillside. A big drive can get some roll to a nice landing area and a go at the green in two, while a misplayed drive will leave a difficult second that must try to find a level spot to play an uphill approach from. The green surface is subtly contoured and will reward a good putt.

Par 4, 431yd

The finishing hole demands a long carry on the drive to avoid a blind second shot. The approach is across a deep valley to a small green that drops off severely to the left and right. A prudent play here is to place your second shot for an easier third to the flat green, giving yourself an opportunity to make par or bogie and avoid a big number by getting in trouble.

Our Staff

Our staff looks forward to assisting you when you play The Mines. We are here to take the stress out of your week and help you enjoy a great round of golf!